Differences between KB Plus and Full Access

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a KB Plus subscriber since the launch, and noticed that I could upgrade to Full Access with a decent discount using the New Years coupon.

But I am having a hard time comparing between the two. Is the only difference that I am able to join the live classes with the Full Access option? Or do I also get some kind of KB Cloud access or some such included?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Petteri,

Welcome to the forums and the KBITS community!

With Full Access you get the following additional benefits:

  1. Access to all live classes
  2. 30 practice hours of KCloud 2.0
  3. 20 practice hours of SDA (DNAC) rack
  4. 20 practice hours of Megalab
  5. Increased access to Khawar

If you would like to upgrade to KB Full Access, please follow the steps listed in the following thread: